Cesson Thai Massage

4 Vlei Street, Goodies4Gardens, Glen Marais, Kempton Park

Business hours: Monday - Saturday 09:00 -18.00

Sun 09:30 -18.00 
Contact: Cell no: 073 249 2867

Thai Massage


Treatment  for Health & Beauty with natural extracting harmony combined with Thai experience!!!


Booking is advisable - during business hours.


Thai massage is good for:


Relaxation                 Reduces stress                 Improves blood circulation


Increases energy       Increases flexibility             Improves range of motion


Centers the mind and body

Thai Massage


Thai Swedish Massage (60 min) - R300.00 This classic massage promotes a sense of well-being by increasing your blood circulation.  


Thai Neck Shoulder & Back Massage (60 min) - R300.00 (30 min) - R200.00 Excellent for relieving muscle tension in the back, shoulders, and neck.


Thai Aroma Hot Oil Massage (60 min) - R300.00 A massage combined with aromatherapy oils leaving your body in an invigorated state, and the mind relaxed. 


Thai Hot Stone Massage (60 min) - R400.00 The stones are placed on the key tension areas and combined with massage allowing the muscles to relax.


Thai Relaxing Massage  (60 min) - R300.00 A romantic oil mixed with Thai Traditional. 


Indian Head Massage (60 min) - R300.00 (30 min) - R200.00  A massage combined with an aroma and hot oils to stimulate better circulation of blood to your muscles and mind.


Thai Traditional Massage (60 min) - R400.00   Experience an exotic and unique traditional Thai Massage. Try this ancient art to relieve pain and stress accumulated in sore muscles, by applying pressure on pressure points, muscles, and ligaments, resulting in a wonderful healing experience.


Thai Foot Massage  (60 min) - R300.00 (30 min) - 200.00  Feel stress and tension melt away as your feet are being massaged through acupressure points.

Contact:  Cell no: 073 249 2867

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