RBTS Racing

Unit 12 Pomona Park, Pomona Road, Pomona AH,  Kempton Park

Dyna Tuning - RBTS Racing

Engine Management & Dyna Tuning Specialists. All local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems - Spitronics, etc.

Spitronics, Haltech, and MoTec: We do the installations, faultfinding, and mapping for these locally available world-class systems.

We specialise in the tuning of all local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems such as Spitronics, Dicktator, Gotech, Powermods, and Mr Turbo, etc. 

With our Dastek 4 Wheel Drive wind tunnel dyno, owners with Subaru's, Mitsubishi Evolution's, Nissan Skyline's, Land Rovers and Bakkies are all welcome.

We also tune all International Engine Management Systems such as AEM, Haltech, Hondata, Motec, etc.

We are Dastek Unichip agents.

We do specialised mapping on Evo's, Subarus, and Toyota GT 86

Trading hours: 


Monday - Thursday 
8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Friday: 8:00 - 1 pm   


Contact details:

Bernadette or Ross

Tel:+ (27) 076 800 8317

 EMail: ross@rbtsracing.co.za

See what makes our tuning so much better! 


The Stage 1 Packages that will improve your cars power ouput. Where Loud cars are reality and high-powered vehicles are made.


RBTS Racing is an authorised fitment centre for Dastek Unichip and Hondata, etc! Call us now to see how we can make your dreams a reality.

At RBTS Racing we strive for the best customer service and make sure that our customers leave with only the best quality mapping there is to offer.

Dyna Tuning Room - RBTS Racing

Dyna Tuning Room. Constructed with the intentional idea of a wind tunnel, our dyno setup at RBTS Racing has several factors which make us excel over our competitors. 

The Dyno Room eliminates the possibility of the motor vehicle inhaling its own hot, oxygen-less exhaust fumes therefore creating the closest possible driving simulation on the road.

The large 1 metre diameter extraction fan clears the full volume of air in the dyno room twice every second creating around 40km/h of fresh wind speed.


The addition of extra cooling fans placed in front of the motor vehicle maximises the cooling and creates a safe tuning environment for your motor vehicle.


This combination gives you the smoothest most drivable maximum power output map and best fuel economy possible which your engine can deliver.

Our adjustable 4-wheel drive dyno allows the tuning of all 4 wheel drive motor vehicles no matter the wheel base length such as Subaru's, 4x4 Pick-up's and Land Cruisers.


Please Call Us for Pricing On The Following Services

Dastek UniChip and UniQ Piggyback Chips.


Installed and Tuned

N/A Vehicle UniChip

Turbo Charged Vehicle Unichip

N/A Vehicle Uni-Q

Turbo Vehicle Uni-Q X

Aftermarket Engine Management Systems


We install any Engine Management there out there such as:

Spitronics, Dicktator, Haltech, AEM, etc