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Lap en Lag Quilting Group

On Wednesday, October 12, it was time for the ladies of Lap en Lag to get together at our home and have a good time with their quilting projects. At 9:00 a.m. Annetjie, Dora, Esther, Marietjie and Tessa started arriving and were welcomed by my wife, Maggie.

This happens once every month where they get together at a member's home and they have been doing this for two years now. It is a closed group of 6 ladies that met at the local library where they also work together (once a month) with other ladies on different projects to collect money to buy new books for libraries in the Kempton Park and surrounding areas. All the funds are given to the libraries to purchase whatever they need. So far they have made a big impact with their efforts and are held in high esteem by the libraries benefiting from their contributions.

These ladies of Lap en Lag - as part of Die Vriendeskring that work on projects at the library - are an example of how one can apply your talents to community projects and make a huge difference whilst having a great time together with friends who share a passion for quilting.

They have currently completed quilting blocks featuring cats - as can be seen in the accompanying photo. Each member of the group had to produce two blocks for one of the members, Marietjie, who chose a theme for her own quilt. This idea came from Tessa. So Marietjie got two blocks from the other members and she can now complete her project with cats. It's a nice idea that makes your quilt something special because your friends also had a part in its creation. Thank you for that brilliant idea, Tessa!

The next project they are working on has birds as its theme and it's for their friend Dora. So far they have completed sunflowers for Maggie and cats for Marietjie.

Then they are very busy with a bionic gear bag which Esther is teaching them to make.

We have to agree that any lady would love to have a bag as beautiful as this one. It has 9 compartments in it, four of which has zips. This is how they are complementing each other's talents and everyone is benefiting and growing in the process. The end result is that they are enjoying good company, helping their community and being socially active in a constructive way.

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