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More and more businesses are realising that effective website design and promotion is crucial to their growth. The Internet and social media should be an integral part of every company. Just plodding along isolates them from the millions of users browsing the Internet every day.

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Each business page is individually created to suit the information and pictures related to that business. Although the website as a whole has an underlying theme to ensure uniformity, individual pages have a certain amount of leeway to cater for  each business listing.

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Attempts are made to approach companies with awesome client service.  We also try and restrict the number of businesses in the same category or at least in the same area so that each business can benefit from its listing.


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Ashworth Web & Promotions has been creating and hosting websites for a select few clients for the past eight years. During that time we learned to cater for different customer needs and have built a core of loyal clients as a result of solid client service.

The World Wide Web has grown in leaps and bounds and technology has kept on evolving, producing new opportunities and challenges for everyone. As a service provider we have had to keep abreast with new technology and the boom in social media that impacts on Internet marketing and mobile usability of websites.


We have a number of clients that depend on the Internet for their business and make sure that their websites feature on the first page of Google for selected keywords. We then ensure the SEO is done correctly to produce the desired results and track the performance with analytics.


6 Tuli Street, 

Birchleigh, Kempton Park 1618

Gauteng, South Africa

Tel: 083 703 5105

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