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Shorei Martial Arts

6 Pierneef Street  Birchleigh Kempton Park

Shorei Martail Arts


CV. of Sensei Tony de Beer 7th dan from Birchleigh Kempton Park, South Africa.


A senior member of the (Shihan-Kai) steering community and technical commission of the International Shorei Martial Arts Academy in South Africa and Europe


He specializes in pure traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu karate and self-defense. Sensei Tony de Beer age 74 and holds the rank of seventh dan. He was born 19 May 1944. At the age of 22 Sensei Tony started with Goju Ryu karate early in 1969 under Shihan James Rousous now a 9th dan and chief instructor of South Africa and internationally (GKI).


  • Tony graded 1st dan black belt in October 1979 after returning from a European training camp in Pool, England under Shihan Morio Higahona from Okinawa, Shihan Chinen from Okinawa & Shihan James Rousous from England.

  • Sensei Tony graded (ni-dan) 2nd day after training with Shihan Higahona in Okinawa in 1981.

  • Graded (san dan) 3rd dan by Shihan Higahona and Shihan James Rousous in 1983.

  • Graded (yon dan) 4th dan by Shihan Higahona in May 1989.

  • Graded (go dan) 5th dan by Shihan Higahona in April 1996.

  • Graded (Roku dan) 6th dan in March 2003 under Shihan Arnold de Beer, an 8th dan and head of the International Shorei Martial Arts Academy in South Africa.

  • Sensei Tony de Beer graded (nana dan) 7th Dan in October 2009 at a 5 day International Gasshuku held at the South Coast Natal conducted by Shihan James Rousous 9th dan and International Chief Instructor.

  • Before Sensei Tony started with karate he did boxing from the age of six to the age of 20. Apart from swimming, athletics, gymnastics, etc. He also did wrestling and jujitsu.


He has now 48 years experience in Okinawan Goju Ryu and 10 years in various other forms of martial arts. He has been running four very successful dojo’s in Pretoria and East Rand for almost 38 years. He also started a new martial arts academy in East Rand in January 2003 where he teaches Goju Ryu Karate, Kobudo and self-defense.

   Contact details:


Cell no: 083 320-4339

Tel: +27 (11) 391-4525

Fax: +27 (11) 652-9261



Website: www.





Sensei Tony has been team manager and coach for the Northern Transvaal (Now Northern Gauteng) all styles karate national senior black belt teams from 1979 to 1989.


He has produced more than 120 black belts in his own capacity. He trained and helped thousands of students in the years of teaching karate and self defense. Sensei Tony also obtained provincial colours four times before 1989. He was national referee for Goju Ryu and all styles karate (NAKA) from the early seventy’s and has recently retired from being referee.


He was the coach and participated in the all slyle team - events at the South African games in 1986, and coached two of the Springbok fighters that were chosen to represent South Africa against the American team in that same year. He was also coach and team manager for the (Northern Transvaal) now (Northern Gauteng) Goju Ryu black belts for several years.


Sensei Tony has received a SA Black Belt Hall of Fame golden award in May 2004. He has also made an in-depth study of the development of the Inner Power (Chi.) and the application thereof in karate and other martial arts. He received Accreditation and has been appointed to the Technical Commission of GKI (Goju-Ryu Karate International) in October 2009

Final instructors and black belt training 2/12/2017
Grading 1 December 2018 Photos.
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