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Spartan Foam

55 Steel Road Spartan Kempton Park Gauteng South Africa

SPARTAN FOAM - Bed & Foam Specialists


Cut Foam & Memory Foam Providers 


Specialists in cut foam products, foam, memory foam, foam mattresses, laminations, chip foam, conversions and beds. Situated in Spartan, Kempton Park, Gauteng, East Rand.


If you are looking for a special foam application and want to see what we have to offer, please give us a call.


Our custom-made beds are durable and of such a good quality that we have supplied them to the hospitality industry with satisfaction to the end-user.


Please contact us if you need more information.


At Spartan Foam we specialize in foam products which are utilized in a broad spectrum of applications in different industries.


As a leading supplier of cut foam, we aim to deliver only the best service and products to our wide range of customers.

Trading hours: 


Mon - Thursday 8:00 to 4:30 
Friday                  8:00 to 2:30
Saturday             8:00 to 12:00.


Please note we will be closed during the course of the day at the following times. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Mon - Thurs 1:00 to 1:30
Friday            12:30 to 1:30


Our excellent range of foam products (including memory foam) find their way into industries such as furniture, upholstery, bedding, decor, vehicles, sport and medical, to name but a few.


In servicing such a wide variety of applications we strive to ensure that all our cut foam products are of the best quality available. Our growing loyal customer base is a testimony to our commitment to service excellence.



 + 27 11 011 394 4019 


Fax: 011 975 0847



Specialists in cut foam products, foam mattresses, laminations, chip foam, memory foam, conversions and beds. Situated in Spartan, Kempton Park, Gauteng, East Rand.


We stock a wide range of cut foam products which are applicable to the following industries.


1.  Mattresses - In general and also specifically for caravans and bakkies.


2.  Foam Conversions - Any size and thickness.


3.  Upholstery / Interior Decor.


4.  Medical Industry.


5.  Car Wash - Foam cubes for applying foam.


6.  Gym / Pilatus - Exercise mats.


7.  Sport - Seat cushions and rugby scrum machines.

Visit our website for more information

Natural sleep Base Set 

Foam Base Set

Baby After bath Mat

Memory Foam Classic

PVC covered Cot Mattress

Foam Sheet

Hight Dencity

Medium Dencity

Convoluted Bed Wedge

Memory Foam Contour

Foam Chips

Fold Up Mattress

Car Seat Wedge

Bed Wedge

Limber Cushion


Foam Cut Sizes

Foam Densities

Foam Rolls

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