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Horses are majestic animals that have served mankind in many ways for centuries. The delicate interaction between a horse and its owner determines the sort of bond that is formed between the two. I can think of no better way to express that bond then in the TV series Heartland. There it is beautifully portrayed when a young and sensitive woman first gains the confidence of a horse by observing the animal and "listening" to her heart as she senses what the horse is communicating with her. That's probably why the series is called Heartland.

The interaction doesn't stop there. Because Amy has developed that special bond with horses to win their trust, that loving interaction spills over into her relationships with her family as well and the people she comes into contact with. That TV series captivates one's heart and has a wholesome effect on your heart as well. You cannot help but fall in love with horses. Horses are one of the most sensitive creatures that God created. We can learn a lot from them as people on how to treat each other.

A painting of a beautiful horse by Ron Ashworth

Because of this experience of being "in" the Heartland series watching it I couldn't help myself when I noticed that someone was doing a watercolour painting tutorial on YouTube of a beautiful horse.

Because I am very new to painting with watercolours, I was very hesitant to try and do the painting. But I always like a challenge, so I gave it a try. Maybe it was my love for horses that helped me subconsciously to guide my hand and brush on the "canvas" as I carefully followed the instructions on YouTube. At times I was about to give up because my painting was not coming out like the instructor's work of art.

All I could do was put the painting one side to let the paint dry overnight and think of some other thing to paint that would be easier. But in the morning I picked up where I left off and was pleasantly surprised when I examined my painting. Suddenly, I noticed that the brush strokes had softened as the watercolours settled into the special paper that I had used and things were looking better again. You see the watercolour paint dries and becomes lighter and softer in time. That means as an artist you have to "guess" how much paint and how much water you use and how you blend everything together. That is something you only develop by practicing and with lots of patience.

Isn't that what life is all about? Gaining experience by practising and often failing but always trying again and never giving up hope. If we remain positive and treat others with respect no matter how they behave, we can win friends and influence people in a loving way.

This brings me to the purpose of this article. I came across a lady who owns an equestrian and tack shop at Uncle Tim's Lifestyle Centre in Brentwood Park, Benoni, South Africa who has a delightful personality and treats visitors to her shop with kindness and respect. How do I know? That's how she treated me. You can have a look at the merchandise she sells on this page. When you are in the area please pop in and visit her shop. I also created another article for her shop on my blog.


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